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 1. Dee Jay, Disc Jockey

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This Sunday Join Mr. Jonathan at Longellow's Club JoEllen for some Swing and Two-Step!



The Grampy Challenge: 6 Months Strong

Its been 6 months since I told everyone about the Grampy Challenge. Make someone smile every single day!

When anyone passes the best parts of them are elevated and the worst parts are forgotten because that is how our brains are wired to deal with the grief caused by losing a loved one. So after weeks of trying to think of just one part of my grandfather that I didn't care for I am happy to report that my brain is dealing with my grief normally. There isn't one thing that I regret about my time with him.

His love for good music, dancing, and making people smile helped to mold me into the man I am today and I hope that I am passing that love on to my students, friends, and family that may or may not not have been so lucky as to have met my Grampy. Although nothing can make the pain of missing him go away completely, I do find solace in the fact that I try to be more like him every chance I get.

This week I will be in Las Vegas buying cigars (one of his favorite passions) partially because its my job and partially because cigars bring smiles to people who smoke them and I can facilitate many smiles by bringing the right cigars into Two Guys Smoke Shop. Since I can't be in two places at once there will be no class at DNE this Friday and Donna Shea will be covering my classes at Longfellow (Cha-Cha and Night Club 2-Step) this Sunday night. She and her partner Mike will bring smiles to your faces so I am covered double!

Sunday Night
6-6:45 Cha-Cha
6:45-7:30 Night Club 2-Step
7:30-? California Mixer
Longfellow's Club JoEllen
524 Minuteman Dr
off of Boston Post RD (Rt 20)
Wayland, MA