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This Sunday Join Mr. Jonathan at Longellow's Club JoEllen for some Swing and Two-Step!



My Biggest Break Through

Recently I had a break through as a dancer and as a teacher…We as dancers forget that we are dancing sometimes. We get all caught up in the technical side of things…Where do I step? Where is the lead? What is the right way? I realized that NONE of it matters in the end. In the end we are learning to DANCE to the MUSIC. This is what matters!

There was a time when I would go out to dance clubs with my wife and be so intimidated by how well she moved. Unless I could get her to hold my hand and swing for a song or two I wasn't interested in getting on that dance floor. Sure she could make me get out there and bust out my best white guy over bite and side-step-tap side-step-tap but there was just no way I was busting loose while she was on that dance floor for fear that I wouldn't be as good as she is. 

My wife has dance titles,  competed in 13+ dance styles at a national level, and has given lessons to world champions that needed her expert eye to critique their waltz before a big competition. I, on the other hand, am a 3 dance pony with a hand full of first place finishes. Since there is no way that I could ever actually be as good as her, what was holding me back?

Recently I was invited to DJ at a little hole in the wall night club with a good friend. He needed someone to fill in during his bathroom breaks and to make recommendations early in the evening to keep the older crowd happy (they like old school country music). I hung out for a bit, played some music, and when the night got going my friend started playing some great 90's music so I hit the dance floor. Within 3 songs the dance floor was filled and we had our selves a party! I was moving, grooving, and shaken' my money maker! Then it hit me…I realized why I could never dance like this in front of my wife…I was watching her dance and not dancing my self!!!

Thats right folks…You can't do both. You are either a dancer or a watcher. Your brain can not handle doing both. This week's homework is to start in your living room, put on some music that makes you want to move, and then move. Dance without thinking, without worrying, and without fear. Next week maybe we can take it to the dance floor and try it without worrying that we are not good enough because we are good enough as long as we are moving!

Sunday Night 


6-6:45 2-Step lesson w/Mr. J

6:45-7:30pm WCS w/Mr. J

7:30-? California Mixer w/Freddy 

Longfellow's Club JoEllen

524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD

(Rt 20) Wayland, MA