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 1. Dee Jay, Disc Jockey

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This Sunday Join Mr. Jonathan at Longellow's Club JoEllen for some Swing and Two-Step!



Like Butter or a Spread

The number one compliment that John Festa gets is about his foot work when the complimenter is watching him dance. However when he is dancing with someone the compliment shifts to how well he connects and takes care of his partner. In my opinion neither compliment is very accurate. I mean sure you can like someones footwork or connection but the root of these two, among others like accurate leading, timing, musicality and so on, stem from thousands of repetitions of central movement, with a partner, and to music. Consistent practice with one or two of these would be like growing up with a mom who turns butter for your toast every morning and then marring a wife that only uses store bought spreads.

With requests for Night Club Two-Step at an all time high I have decided to make this whole month NC2-Step month! I have some review on the technique and some new and exciting patterns coming at you starting week one. In Week 3 I have invited Mike and Donna to come in and add some of their moves into the mix. See you this Sunday!

Sunday Night July 12th


6-6:45 NC2-Step lesson w/Mr. J 

 6:45-7:30pm WCS w/Mr. J 

7:30-? California Mixer w/Mr. J

Longfellow's Club JoEllen

524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD

(Rt 20) Wayland, MA


Saturday Night September 12th

Teacher Mr. Jonathan

WCS Intermediate Class 8-9pm W/Mr. J

9-12:30ish WCS Mixer w/DJ Mr. J

Longfellow's Club JoEllen

524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD

(Rt 20) Wayland, MA

Leadership is the manipulation of energy. 

Following is the embodiment of energy.

Connection is the tie that binds the two together.

Mr. Jonathan


603 475 1391  

Dance on!