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Leadership and Self Deception

The title of this post is borrowed from the title of a book that I am reading that is opening my eyes when it comes to managing the people who work for me. I was reading this week and a line stood out to me as extremely useful as a tool for teaching dance.

"People (leaders and followers) primarily respond, not to what we do but, to how we are being"

Sometimes quotes come across so deep that we miss what is right in front of us. To me its about the difference between two realities...What "should" be happening and what "is" happening. To put this in dance context I want you to think for a moment how you approach leading or following. At first they both seem like something that you should be "doing", but according to the quote if leading or following are something that we are "doing" we can't get a prime response from our partner. Simply put, if you set out to lead or follow someone through a pattern you are making the pattern the thing of value rather than the person and the relationship you have with them. People who are the most effective leaders and followers do not put their focus on the patterns themselves, rather they focus on their relationship with the person on the other end of their connection.

When leaders and followers set out to lead or follow a pattern, they learned in class, they are responding to what "Should" be happening in the pattern. They can't help but questioning  them self, their partner, and wind up disregarding the energy that they aught to be sharing. There is no room in that partnership for musicality, playfulness, or give and take. In this example the dance becomes a very sterile environment where it can be extremely scary to take chances because there is no relationship to rely on if something goes wrong.

As we learn and grow in dance our attention should be shifting from what "should" be happening, which implies a right and a wrong way of doing things, to what "is" happening in real time. My theory is that if we are responding to what "Is" happening we are dancing in the now with our partner. It is then that we put the most value on the relationship we have with him or her. There is give and take, balance, and even room for the song to play a role in that dance. There is no right or wrong and there is no concept of "fault". You are taking everything as it comes and should you take a risk, your partner has your back because they are also tuned in to what "Is" happening in real time. 

This week we are exploring what "is" happening on Friday down stairs in the Cafe and then on Saturday upstairs in the main ballroom. My lovely and talented wife will be co-coaching the West Coast Swing class with me so you are all in for a treat!

This Friday  (Pizza Party)
Lesson 7:30-8:15 
Dance 8:15-?
DNE School of Dance
78 Princeton St. Chelmsford, Ma

This Saturday
$15 Dance and Lesson
Lesson 7-8:00pm
Dance 9-11
DNE School of Dance
78 Princeton St. Chelmsford, Ma

Sunday Night 
6-6:45 2-Step lesson
6:45-7:30pm WCS
7:30-? California Mixer
Longfellow's Club JoEllen
524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD
(Rt 20) Wayland, MA

Leadership is the manipulation of energy. 
Following is the embodiment of energy.
Connection is the tie that binds the two together.

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