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This Sunday Join Mr. Jonathan at Longellow's Club JoEllen for some Swing and Two-Step!



Speaking a Foreign Language: Dance

To reiterate, for this article only, an Elite dancer is someone who can recognize a patten quickly and be proficient at said pattern in a very short amount of time. Think back to your high school or college years when you took that first foreign language class. There were the kids that were good at remembering the information from that "cram session" the night before, and then there were the kids that learned how to think in the foreign language (when I was in high school spanish these were the dudes who impressed the spanish ladies on our class trip to Spain). Is learning a new dance so different from learning how to converse in a foreign language? 

The only way  to be proficient in anything you must to be able to think in that activity. The only way you can "think in swing"  is to put in your time by your self and master your footwork. Larry Bird once nailed 30 3pt shoots in a row at a shoot off in the late 80's. He was the first Celtic on the court before practice and the last to leave after practice. Nobody worked harder off the competition court than he did and no one could make it look as easy as he did until Michael Jordan came along…the only man willing to work harder than Bird.

There are two ways to transition into that "elite" status "pay to play" or "blood, sweat, and tears." I see people in the chat rooms talking about how if you want to get good you hire top pros and pay them for private lessons. That is certainly one way to go about it. The other way is to study your self dancing in the mirror. Be you own critic. Record your self dancing and analyze what you like and what you don't. Watch YouTube videos of pros you think look like the dancer that you see your self becoming. Think about your dancing while you are on your lunch break. Listen to music that makes you want to dance...Live it...Breath it...and Be it! 

As a side bar if you pick the "blood, sweat, and tears" route you will never enjoy dance more than you will on your journey. Notice I didn't say you will never enjoy it more once you arrive. There is no arrive! Its a journey you will be on for the rest of your life. However, nothing in your life will give you the same high as a great dance, to a great song, with a great partner...Nothing!

Coming soon to my news letter will be the "real" story behind what happened to swing music, why "Top 40" is being pushed back out, and when swing will see its resurgence...Stay tuned!


Here is what is happening this weekend:

 Friday Night


7:30 - 8:15pm Lesson
8:15 - ? Social Dance Practice
DNE School of Dance
78 Princeton St
N. Chelmsford, MA

Sunday Night 


6-6:45 2-Step lesson w/Mr. J

6:45-7:30pm WCS w/Mr. J

7:30-? California Mixer w/?

Longfellow's Club JoEllen

524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD

(Rt 20) Wayland, MA

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Following is the embodiment of energy.

Connection is the tie that binds the two together.

Mr. Jonathan


603 475 1391  

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