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What is Wrong With "Elite" Dancers?

The "Elite" vs Beginner Dancers 

Only for the sake of this article I am going to define "Elite" dancers as dancers who can see a pattern that is completely new to them as little as 3 times and be able to identify its basic components and then be able to lead or follow said pattern in 1-3 attempts. A "beginner" would be anyone who's skill set falls short of the above definition of "elite" dancer. There is a huge divide between the two levels in every dance community and I have a theory as to why that is.

We as a society have lost the old mantra "practice makes perfect." I remember having a conversation with an up and comer, back when I was an up and comer, and he said something to me that absolutely blew my mind! We were comparing notes on how many classes we had taken that week, with whom we took classes, their teaching styles, and how many hours of practice we had put in that week. This conversation was less of a "look at what I can do" conversation and more of a "I want to make sure I am on the right track" type of thing. As soon as I told him how many hours I had practiced by my self, in just that last week, he looked at me like I had three heads..."You practice off the social dance floor?" he asked with a sarcastic tone. "I have never practiced" he said with finger quotes, "Accept for on the social dance floor." 

If you are not practicing your basics between classes, you are not "paying" into the system. At the point that you choose to rest on your laurels you are choosing to hold back the dancers around you. You are not only not going to become an elite dancer, you are going to fell buried every time you take a class. Every teacher bases their lesson on the basics and if you have not taken the time to master them you have no one to blame but you self. 

The answer to the question "What's wrong with "Elite" dancers?" is Nothing! They earned their spot where they are and you can do it too!

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 Friday Night


7:30 - 8:15pm Lesson

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6-6:45 2-Step lesson w/Mr. J

6:45-7:30pm WCS w/Mr. J

7:30-? California Mixer w/Mike and Donna

Longfellow's Club JoEllen

524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD

(Rt 20) Wayland, MA

Leadership is the manipulation of energy. 

Following is the embodiment of energy.

Connection is the tie that binds the two together.

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